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Bebop [a] by Boisdenfer - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : bebop [a]

Author : boisdenfer

Author Words
"a compilation of ideas small to large that for whatever reason never saw the light of day, or at least not to my knowledge. they laid unloved over the years and uncompleted by the time i dropped my osx vice.

some of these are pretty good, some of these are bad, some of these have something going for them but not enough. hopefully, some of these can serve as a point of inspiration for someone somewhere.

the square brackets are letter grades to help distinguish the tracks by involvement, [a] being full or near-full ideas and [f] being simple loops.

feel free to sample these or get in touch with me if you want a stem!

Background Image Author : DantegrΓ‘fico

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