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Chasing Horizons by regular driver - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Chasing Horizons

Author : regulardriver
regular driver on youtube

Author Words
"Check out the video on my YouTube channel:
CC:BY info at the bottom.

This is my first Synthwave piece. I wanted to try my hand at making a Synthwave track, so I installed LMMS and got to work on "something". Using my limited knowledge of music theory and watching a few tutorials, I put together a piece using only the stock samples and instruments in LMMS. I hope you find it enjoyable!

Credit goes to Instagrammer evonnater ( for suggesting the title of this track. Thanks for the suggestion Evan!

I am also releasing this track under the Creative Commons Attribution license so anyone can use the track in their works as long as proper attribution is given (copy and paste):

"Chasing Horizons" by "regular driver" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

city-5848267_1920.jpg image by FSM-Team from Pixabay

Background Image Author : enriquelopezgarre

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Chasing Horizons by regulardriver is licensed under a Creative Commons

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