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Chia Katana by Westienz - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Chia Katana

Author : Westienz

Author Words
""Chia Katana"
Composed by Westienz
Daw - LMMS
Date - 3/5/19 (yeah this is old)

I was originally going to do something slightly different for the background with 2 people holding katanas (or the closest I could make to one) but then I realized I'm terrible at drawing people…
and I'm lazy (this one also makes a better thumbnail tbh)

The main thing I remember about making this track was it was done in basically one night…
then I forgot to save and literally lost Everything. The next day I just refound the instruments and finished the song

Background Image Author : 5187396

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