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Deepest Fantasy by Infravolt - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Deepest Fantasy

Author : Infravolt

Author Words
"This track made specifically for One Synth Challenge #127 featuring u-He synthesizers and effects.

FLAC version:…EyHQT-G_iIRWohQU

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DAW: FL Studio 20.5.1
Author/composer/producer: VCA-089
Title: Deepest Fantasy
Genre: Synth-Pop (Darksynth)
BPM: 120
Key: C Minor Natural

Chosen synth: Repro-1

This round is truly an excitement. I've waited a long time to run a full scale test for Repro since I own it from the release. This synth is one of the most interesting on the market for sure. Not only because it (they, two synths) preciesly emulates it's hardware counterpart but also because it is capable of so many interesting sounds, both vintage and modern. I think I can make a whole album with Repro synths.

The track itself may be not so "shows off the synthesizer potential". A poor time management and a bunch of RL troubles (got my PC broken yesterday), but I think it is better than nothing.

Good luck!

Technical information


33x Repro-1

Native Effects:

x8 Balance
x7 Parametric EQ 2
x3 Stereo Enhancer
x1 Limiter
x1 Reeverb 2
x1 Wave Candy
x1 dB Meter
x2 Patcher

VST Effects:

x1 Sonimus "SonEQ"
x10 TDR & VoS "SlickEQ"
x1 TAL "Filter-1"
x8 VoS "FerricTDS"
x7 AdHd "Leveling Tool"
x1 TDR "Nova"
x2 "OrilRiver"
x11 Gareckon "MIDI Polysher"

Master Chain:

TDR Nova
Limiter No6

No samples…


x33 Generators
x68 Effects
x31 MIDI patterns
x25 Mixer tracks
No audio…
x11 Automation clips

Background Image Author : darksouls1

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