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Foggy Day on the Open Sea - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Foggy Day on the Open Sea

Author : Schwartz Music

Author Words
"A crew on a sailing ship is in relatively heavy seas and they don't see it, but viewers see that there are countless rocks and reefs all around from which the ship always just barely dodges. On the ship it can be seen that no one is steering and the ship is basically just bobbing around. Suddenly the siren-like singing starts. As if driven, the crew set everything in motion, set the sails, steer in the direction of the song… The audience gets the impression that the ship is heading for certain doom. But the captain always manoeuvres the ship just past the obstacles. At the end of the song, the fog lifts and instead of the sirens we had expected, we see the open sea, which has calmed down in the meantime, and the sun, and on the horizon an island or the mainland can be guessed at. The crew get their senses back. It turns out that the singing (of angels) probably saved the crew's lives (since they were previously in a hopeless situation). The captain, who had previously been grimacing, starts to grin with joy and the crew starts to cheer. The camera stays on the laughing captain and fades to black.

Background Image Author : pixundfertig

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