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Heavy Doggo by f/SYNCLIPSE - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Heavy Doggo

Author : f/SYNCLIPSE

Author Words
"So this track was originally started on October 2018… yeah it's that old. There were several reasons why I didn't finish the track at that time. First, I started the project on the small computer, which like others that were started on it was left unfinished. Second, I didn't know how to proceed with the rest of the track. I kept revisiting this project but I'd always just close it and work on something else…

Until today… err I mean the day I worked on this track for ON THE GO. I basically copied over the melodies and drum patterns, then modified some, and finished it up. None of the original instruments the first version used were kept, but by doing that I was able to make the track sound a bit better and less… empty.

And that's really all there is about this track… oh except for the bit where originally track 6 was supposed to be an extended version of Rest Assured [note to self: link the song once it's published] and this track was supposed to be track 11… but I was too lazy (and not inspired enough) to make an extended version so I instead created something entirely new for 11 and moved this track to 6.

Yes, I make my songs out of order, what of it?

Background Image Author : belkacemyabadene

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