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People by Jackson535 - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Jackson535 - People

Author : Jackson535

Author Words
"Hey everyone! I have another new track for you all today.

First, I want to apologize for my incredibly slow pace of releases. I have been in quite the rut and was constantly reworking my projects. I have plans on how I will try to beat this. Several other tracks are in the works. For now, I hope the increased quality and fine-tuning of the music makes up for some of that.

This project has had 4 or 5 majorly different versions and 22 iterations, costing 126 hours. I decided to call it "People" because when I created the first iteration of the main melody, It gave me the feeling of many people going through life separately but enjoying music as a unified entity during older concerts. no phones distracting anyone, just being surrounded by others and interconnected with the joy of the music. This is what the thumbnail is supposed to represent.

I was working very hard on a music video, and I am proud of how it's gone so far. However, I have realized that I dread video editing and felt like I was making little progress, so I am releasing the music now. I may finish the video later and put it on YouTube at some point.

As always, free to download and distribute and use. Enjoy!
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