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Psycho 3 Synth-Pop Remix by Manindra Sailagirri- NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : Psycho 3 Synth-Pop Remix

Author : Manindra Sailagirri

Author Words
"A Synth-pop remix of the classic Psycho 3 score by Carter Burwell

Instruments Used:

Yamaha DX7 - Slap bass(not factory)/Effects/Chords/Bells
Roland Juno 60 - Chords/Bells/Effects
Synclavier - Chords/lead/Guitar (Acc)
Fairlight CMI - Chords/Bass/Lead/Guitar (Acc)
Yamaha RX11 - Drums
Roland TR 909 - Drums
Arturia Spark 2 - Sampled Drums
Casio CZ 101 - Bass
Korg Wavestation - Pads/Chords/Bass

Background Image Author : Juergen_G

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