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Storm Warning by Infravolt - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : SWC045 - VCA-089 - Storm Warning

Author : Infravolt

Author Words
"This track made specifically for Songwriting Competition 045 - "Plug in, connect, make music".

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It's nearly summer, but the whether seems to be not so pleasant, even in the warmest places of Earth.

So let's stay home and make music!

This entry made with Full Bucket synthesizers:

  • Mono/Fury for sweeping bass and stacked saw lead.
  • Fury-800 for organ-like synth and bells.
  • Tricent for 8th bass riff and strings.
  • ModulAir for making a soundscape.

Samples from LinnDrum were used for percussion.

Used Plugins:


x1 FPC
x2 Full Bucket "Mono/Fury"
x2 Full Bucket "Fury-800"
x2 Full Bucket "Tricent"
x1 Full Bucket "ModulAir"

DAW: FL Studio 20.7

Native Effects:

x1 Delay 3
x1 dB Meter
x1 Wave Candy

VST Effects:

x17 TDR & VoS "Slick EQ GE"
x8 AdHd "Leveling Tool"
x1 Analog Obsassion "PreBOX"
x1 u-He "ColourCopy"
x1 VoS "epicVerb"
x1 Walhalla "Supermassive"
x1 Audiority "Xenoverb"

Master Chain:

Wavesfactory "Cassette"
TDR Nova
TDR Limiter N6 GE


x8 Generators
x36 Effects
x4 MIDI Patterns
x24 Mixer Tracks
No audio
x11 Automation Clips

Sample Packs:

Samples from Mars "LinnDrum"

Background Image Author : illusion-X

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