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SURGE by Kinestatic - NCS - Synthwave - Free Music - Retrowave


Music Name : SURGE

Author : Kinestatic
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Author Words
"I appreciate all comments and feedback.
Midtempo/Synthwave music with dark cyberpunk vibes. 🦾
Originally produced, mixed and mastered by me (Kinestatic).
Visuals made with the help of resources from the amazing Beeple.

Thanks for listening.

The music is uploaded with a "Creative Commons" license so feel free to reuse it however you wish. Additionally, if you want the high quality audio file you directly download it from Soundcloud or you can reach out to me here:

email: [email protected]
IG: @kinestatic_

Background Image Author : 4311868

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SURGE By Kinestatic is licensed under a Creative Commons

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